SpotOn POS for Bars & Nightclubs

SpotOn POS for
Bars & Nightclubs

Exceptional service needs an exceptional POS.

Keep the focus on serving more guests, not the POS. SpotOn POS has a bunch of great tools and features to seamlessly speed up bar service while protecting your business from chargebacks. From combining and transferring orders to easy open order lookup, SpotOn POs has what your bar manager and bartenders have been looking for when it comes to point-of-sale.

SpotOn Bar & Nightclub Features

It’s easy to pre-authorize a credit card, start a bar tab, and look up open orders with SpotOn’s front-oh-house. Check out these neat features to help bars and nightclubs excel.

Wide Screen

Don’t have your bartenders rely on small iPad screens. Use SpotOn’s large 15″ displays to help bartenders during service.

Speed Buttons

No need to press a button over and over again. Simply press the order quantity and item and send to the bar for order.

Speed Screen

We’ll work with you on your most popular bar items and program a fast ‘Speed’ screen to reduce order time.

EMV Bar Tab Ready

Reduce chargeback liability by becoming EMV compliant with SpotOn’s processing. Equipped onto every eligible terminal.

Find Bar Tabs Fast

Utilize the SpotOn open order screen and find orders. Find names of customers to close out customers faster.

Transfer, Combine, Split

Transfer checks from one server to another at end of shift. Combine orders and split checks for quick check out.

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