SpotOn Restaurant POS can accommodate for any restaurant concept. Have a busy nightclub or bar? What about an attention focused fine dining concept? Do you have a need for speed in your quick service? Take a look at how SpotOn can help your restaurant excel, no matter the job.

Check out how SpotOn fits into your concept.

SpotOn POS for Fine Dining Concepts

Fine dining point-of-sale system configurations need attention to detail. SpotOn POS powered by POS Philly does just that. Course items for separate firing times in order to synchronize dish delivery. Use our nutrition button features in order to inform guests about allergy or ingredient information. Easily split checks between guest members. Take order by guest number to ensure a smooth meal delivery. Accept tableside payments to capture email information for email marketing

SpotOn POS for Bars & Nightclubs

Bar & nightclub point-of-sale systems need to be formatted for wait staff and bartenders in order to serve guests faster. We’ll program a speed screen according to your most popular items. Take quantity orders quicker with our speed buttons. Take EMV bar tabs and per-authorizations without a hitch. Search and find bar tabs with our easy to use open order display. Split checks and combine orders fast. Need to transfer a bar ticket to a server? No problem. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 with SpotOn.

SpotOn POS for Casual Service Restaurants

Casual dining restaurants can win busy dinner services with SpotOn. Take reservations with SpotOn Reserve to speed up table turnover. Get orders inputted faster with a decentralized POS concept thanks to our mobile handhelds. Provide Guest Wifi powered by SpotOn and let customers surf the web easily in your business. Offer QR code ordering and payments in order improve guest experience. Become EMV compliant and take NFC payments like Apple and Google Pay easily.

SpotOn POS for Quick Service Concepts

Quick service restaurants need all the tools to help them expedite orders. Utilize kitchen display screens to speed up service, lower food costs, and decrease paper costs. Use SpotOn’s mobile handhelds to bust lines and improve customer experience. Take advantage of contactless ordering capabilities. Integrate third party delivery services into your online ordering with one of our approved partners. Accept payments with wide screen customer facing display screens.

SpotOn POS for Food Trucks

Take orders and accept payments wherever your food truck may take you. SpotOn POS’ mobile handheld is a great way to make it happen. Our mobile handheld devices can be taken anywhere, anytime. Handhelds can connect to 5G and LTE cell signal in order to keep you connected in real-time. Get a full end-to-end point-of-sale solution for your food truck

SpotOn POS for Venues and Enterprise

Venue point-of-sale solutions need to be quick, fast, and accurate. SpotOn POS’ venue point-of-sale solution, Appetize, is a great way to delight guests, reduce lines, and create a better experience for both customers and staff. More and more venues, including NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL ones, are adding SpotOn’s venue point-of-sale software. Is your concept in need of a better point-of-sale? Find out more about venue and enterprise POS.