Saves thousands every month with SpotOn’s automated cash discounting program.

SpotOn’s seamless cash discounting program puts money back in your pocket. Better than credit card surcharging, SpotOn’s cash discounting software easily covers your credit card processing fees with upsetting your loyal customer base.

POS Philly SpotOn Cash Discounting

How SpotOn Cash Discounting Works

  • POS Philly programs cash discounting credit card processing fees to all menu items.
  • Turn off standard credit card processing and turn on cash discounting pricing.
  • Customers are presented with a receipt that says ‘Total’ with included cash discounting pricing along with an option to pay with cash; cash option has the cash discounting processing fee deducted from their total.
  • When customer chooses to pay with card, SpotOn takes the built-in processing fee and applies it to a daily report.
  • The total for your daily cash discounting processing fees is automatically applied to your monthly processing statement.
  • At the end of the month, you will receive only a $35.00 per month charge for credit card processing. The cash discounting software has automatically applied on processing fees, paid for by your customers, to your monthly statement.

In a few easy steps, your credit card processing bill will go from several thousand dollars per month down to $35.00 . All of this while presenting your customer with a better checkout option than credit card surcharging.

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