Ditch those kitchen printers.

Utilizing a KDS, or kitchen display system, is a great way to speed up service and decrease food costs. SpotOn integrates with two popular KDS partnerrs: QSR and ChefTab. Our team will consult with you to decide on the best product for your business.

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Increase speed of service with kds

Send orders directly through SpotOn POs and turn your kitchen into an efficient food output machine. KDS systems can lower food costs by improving order accuracy. Kitchens become more quiet and easier to work in. Paper costs decrease as kitchen printers are replaced with screens on your kitchen line.

Improving Efficiency

Are you tired of seeing your kitchen line bombarded with hundreds of tickets? Replacing kitchen printers with a KDS can enhance existing kitchen line operations.

real-time data

Managers and wait staff can fulfill and close out orders right from SpotOn handhelds.


SpotOn partners with two industry leading kitchen display system providers, ChefTab and QSR Automations. Both are awesome kitchen display system solutions for restaurants.

spoton kds qsr automations

QSR Automations’ kitchen diplay system creates efficient. time saving work flows directly through SpotOn Restaurant POS. Set software rules to keep orders flowing and reduce kitchen station capacity stress.

spoton cheftab kds

Automate your business’ kitchen, improve productivity and serve more guests. ChefTab’s easy-to-use POS + KDS integration keeps tables turning and customers happy with an improved work flow.

Need KDS? Contact us now!

Reduce food costs and increase productivity with SpotOn’s KDS integrations. Reach out to our team now. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.