SpotOn POS for Quick Service Restaurants

SpotOn POS for
Quick Service Restaurants

Speed doesn’t need to compromise on quality.

Quick service and fast casual concepts need to have all the tools to help them push out orders fast while ensuring a high quality customer service interaction. Kitchen display screens, domestic online ordering, and loyalty programs are a great way to streamline quick service operations while decreasing operation costs.

SpotOn Quick Service Features

Fast food operations have drastically changed since 2020. Quick service operators need to create a product quickly with all potential POS technology. See key features SpotOn can bring to your QSR.

Kitchen Display Screen

Ditch kitchen printers and speed up service with our kitchen display system integrations. Lower paper and food mistake costs.

Line Busting

Have long lines? Send out an employee with a handheld to bust lines. Keep orders flowing and reduce walk-outs.

QR Code Ordering

A second way to bust lines: in-store QR code ordering. Prompt customers to place their orders right on their phones.

Online Ordering

Get your own online ordering platform included at no additional cost per month. It’s all included with SpotOn POS.

Delivery Integrations

Integrate third party delivery apps like Doordash, Grub Hub, and others with our integration partners.

Customer Facing Displays

Get a wide screen customer facing display for customers to see their orders and ensure accuracy before pushing to the kitchen.

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