In 2023, majority of restaurants are utilizing some sort of online ordering. With Online Ordering, SpotOn aims to drive more potential customers to their online ordering page from a simple google search. 

However, it doesn’t stop there. Integrating online ordering features to your in-house functions can greatly improve productivity and flow of service. Customers now have the option for contactless QR code ordering and checkout when dining in. We’ll also take a look at how SpotOn can eliminate tablets for third party delivery apps. Needless to say, SpotOn POS is equipped for the future of hospitality. 

Online Ordering Interface 

SpotOn Online Ordering allows restaurants to offer the same attention to detail as the POS, including add-ons, modifiers, included ingredients, and special notes. Customize your online ordering page by adding photos of the item, along with descriptions. 

Customers can order ahead, choose a specific time that they would like to pick up their order, and customize their order just as if they were there in person. SpotOn also offers a texting feature that allows customers and restaurants to communicate directly. Coupled with an easy-to-use interface, restaurants can collect customer data for marketing campaigns. 

QR Code Ordering: Contactless Order and Pay

It’s Friday night. Staff are busy, customers are rolling in, and servers can’t quite get to the table quick or frequently enough. Prevent walk outs when staff is low. QR code ordering is the perfect solution to ensure that your restaurant doesn’t lose on sales (and most likely can boost them). 

Allow customers to order food and drinks at the table by simply scanning a QR code. Then, customers can pay at the table seamlessly at their convenience. Group orders also have the option to split a check accordingly. Orders from the QR code will print directly to the kitchen to the correct station, and specify which app it came from. Not to mention, customers may be more likely to order more via QR code, as opposed to getting the servers attention every time they would like another beer. 

Third Party Delivery Apps

Wouldn’t it be easier to have one central place to manage online and third-party delivery app orders, instead of having 3-5 different tablets that you are frequently checking? Let’s be honest, more hardware is more headaches. Not to mention, more money.

Manage third party apps such as UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub on the POS. SpotOn POS works with a software called ItsaCheckmate to integrate your third-party apps. Staff will be able to locate third party app orders in its respective category in the front of house. 

This feature is a total game changer, as it eliminates having to re-enter those orders into the POS once it is received on a tablet. Automatically having third party orders come through to the POS improves order accuracy and ensures customers are happy.

Bringing It All together

By and large, SpotOn Online Ordering can bring a new traffic to your business that you don’t want to overlook. Bringing the ultimate convenience to your customers may be the key to restaurant success in 2023. Contactless ordering and payments at the table, order ahead features, customizable online orders are features that just scratch the surface of what SpotOn POS offers.

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