SpotOn POS: Your Helpful Guide From Consultation to Live Day

Finally, A Point-Of-Sale System that cuts restaurant managers a break. It’s no secret that the role of a manager can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming jobs in the world. With SpotOn Point-Of-Sale for restaurants, tasks that typically take hours of a manager’s time each day can be eliminated.

Handhelds For Restaurant Managers

There’s nothing worse than being a restaurant manager in a jam-packed restaurant and all of your servers asking you for comps, voids, and discounts-all at the same time of course. If you have ever managed or owned a restaurant you understand how overwhelming it can be to run back and forth between terminals and tables. With SpotOn’s sleek and stylish hand-helds, you can do all of this in just a couple of taps while keeping it moving in your restaurant. Did a rib eye come out a little undercooked? All out of cheesesteak sandwiches? Need to apply a free birthday dessert to a check? Need to take off a drink made wrong? You name it- you can do it ALL with SpotOn’s mobile devices. Doing all of these tasks may seem like they only take a minute or less, but the sum of all of these little things together is what slows down the steps of service and your entire restaurant as a whole.

Speedy Payroll & Check-Out

Whether payroll takes an hour of your time or 15+ hours of your time, SpotOn’s payroll integrations can cut this down tremendously. If you’re still using the spreadsheet method for calculating your payroll, or are even using some type of accounting software like QuickBooks, SpotOn can save you time by integrating the two and eliminating the possibility of errors. Payroll is not just time-consuming, it gets complicated, as there are so many factors that go into it. Whether you have one location or hundreds, you can keep payroll short & simple with SpotOn.

Ensure Your Employees Are Paid Correctly – SpotOn Payroll automates payroll calculations, ensuring accurate and error-free calculations of employee wages, tips, and overtime.

Tip Pooling & Distribution – Restaurants often have tip pooling arrangements where tips are shared among employees. SpotOn Payroll simplifies this process by allowing restaurants to easily set up and manage tip pooling, ensuring that tips are distributed accurately and fairly among the staff.

Time & Attendance Tracking- SpotOn Payroll integrates with time and attendance systems, allowing restaurants to track employee hours accurately worked. This helps in proper payroll calculations, including overtime calculations, and ensures compliance with labor laws.

Compliance and Reporting: SpotOn Payroll keeps up with the constantly changing payroll tax laws and regulations. It automatically calculates and withholds the correct amount of payroll taxes, including federal, state, and local taxes. The software also generates payroll reports, making it easier for restaurants to stay compliant and fulfill reporting requirements.

Integration with POS Systems: SpotOn Payroll seamlessly integrates with SpotOn’s point-of-sale (POS) system, allowing for efficient data synchronization between sales data and payroll. This integration enables restaurants to accurately calculate employee wages based on sales and streamline the payroll process.

Shift Planning

Give your managers a break and let SpotOn be the brains behind making the perfect schedule. Having the right amount of staff present can make or break your restaurant. If you’re under-scheduling you risk overworking your crew and not being able to provide great service, and if you’re overstaffed you could be wasting tens of thousands- even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The scheduling software with SpotOn utilizes advanced labor forecasting algorithms to predict the volume of staff you need on a given day, ensuring the right level of staff members are scheduled at all times.

  • Includes shift templates and recurring schedule features that allow managers to easily set up predefined schedules for specific roles.
  • Real-time visibility and notifications keep both managers and employees in the loop of any changes or updates in scheduling.
  • Facilitates shift swapping and time-off requests, streamlining the process and maintaining proper staffing levels.
  • The integration with payroll can ensure seamless coordination between scheduling and payroll management.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory in a restaurant may feel impossible. You need to predict what customers will order and make sure you have everything in stock, but not too much that it goes to waste. And to make things trickier, manually keeping track of inventory and calculating everything can be a real headache. With SpotOn’s inventory management software, managers can quickly see what ingredients they have on hand, how much is left, and when it’s time to reorder. No more digging through piles of paperwork or manual calculations.

The software can keep track of inventory levels in real time, updating the information as items are used or received. You can go as far into this as imputing the exact amount of ingredients that go into each menu item, and when an item gets ordered through the POS, the inventory of each ingredient will adjust accordingly. Managers can view the inventory data at any time, whether it’s from their computer, tablet, or mobile device, making it convenient and accessible. They can also customize the inventory display to fit their specific needs, organizing items by category, location, or any other relevant criteria.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the solutions SpotOn will bring to your restaurant. Contact POS Philly today so we can give you a personalized demo!