Staffing a restaurant is currently more difficult than ever before. The hospitality industry has faced a wave of job vacancies they can’t fill due to a multitude of factors, including demand for higher wages, a decline in interest of hospitality jobs, and a greater demand on staff that are forcing them to quit. Part of this job vacancy wave can be attributed to the Great Resignation which has hit every industry differently. Restaurants have been one of the hardest hit industries by the current state of labor. Instead of focusing on how ‘nobody wants to work anymore’, it’s better to ask: how can I make employees want to work for me?

There are a bunch of ways to improve your work environment. Today, let’s focus on how a better point-of-sale solution like SpotOn POS can make your employees happier. The tools a restaurant provides their employees with can mean make-or-break for staff. Imagine providing your staff with the worst tools possible and demanding the best from them. This type of mentality can be a recipe for disaster. A ton of restaurant employees have considered going full Office Space on old or non-working POS equipment.

Equipping staff with the best, cutting edge technology can make their jobs easier. Utilizing an up-to-date POS system with tools your employees are asking for can make staff happier. Happier employees can equate to less people walking off the job and a better work place. How exactly can SpotOn improve your employee’s work place and foster a better employment situation at your restaurant? Here are 6 ways SpotOn POS makes employee’s lives better in their work environment.

SpotOn Stays Connected with LTE Backup

Say goodbye to staff being mad at the POS system failing due to wifi connectivity issues. Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are reliant on the internet. All transactions, orders, and other vital commands are performed through the cloud. Cloud-based systems without a fail-safe in case the internet goes out put users in a vulnerable position. Every SpotOn POS system comes included with an LTE backup in case the internet goes out. A backup router will automatically kick on to the same service your phone uses in the situation that your internet goes out. SpotOn will reconnect to the internet once it is available again.

Utilize SpotOn Teamwork

Every employees’ schedule constantly shifts around. Empower your staff and make scheduling easier with SpotOn Teamwork. Teamwork allows staff to trade shifts, request new ones, and see the upcoming schedule. Managements’ lives become easier when using Teamwork, too. Now, managers can easily coordinate with staff members anytime, anywhere through the Teamwork app. Make taking a day off easier for everyone involved.

Take Orders with SpotOn Handhelds

More restaurant servers have become acquainted with handheld order and pay devices. These devices are popular with restaurant staff because it expedites the order taking process. Handhelds eliminate the trip from a customer’s table to a terminal and back. Plus, handhelds create a higher order accuracy. Higher order accuracy can mean less dishes being sent back to the kitchen and improved customer service. Better customer service can result in higher tips and return customers for wait staff.

Let Customers Use QR Code Ordering & Payments

Expedite your servers’ service with QR code order and payments. Now, your staff no longer have to wait for a customer to place their order. Let servers attend to more of their tables without the need to receive their orders. Plus, customers that place their own orders are more likely to up-charge their dishes on their own. A higher bill can mean a higher tip total for servers and staff.

Make Fast Programming Changes On the Front or Back Of House

Legacy POS systems can require a refresh in order to implement programming changes. This can cause a massive headache for management, staff, and customers during a busy service. Plus, management can become unhappy with having to go to a dedicated server in the office in order to implement a change. Cloud POS systems like SpotOn can perform menu changes instantly without having to perform a refresh. Plus, managers and permitted staff can make live-time changes from the front-of-house screen by simply pressing down on a menu item.

Reduce Order Call-In’s with SpotOn’s Online Ordering

Receiving a hundred to-go orders by phone can make anyone’s job difficult. Bad connections and fussy customers can put a restaurant employee’s life difficult. Simplify and automate to-go orders by implementing online ordering. Prompt customers to place their orders online and reduce the workload being forced on an employee. Employees can now focus on streamlining orders and working with pickup customers to receive their orders.

Overall, a cloud-based POS system like SpotOn is a great way to improve your staffs’ lives. Looking for a way to improve your restaurant? Contact POS Philly today and receive your free no-obligation consultation.