SpotOn POS helps our users cover all their bases, but we understand that restaurants need integrations with third party software. Our platform helps cover all your bases from online ordering to consumer marketing. Still, SpotOn integrates with the most important and third party software that restaurants are asking for. Accounting, food delivery, and other integrations are vital for helping to keep your operation flowing. Syncing these integrations can help restaurants identify cost cutting measures, ease payroll methods, and increase sales.

What Role Does a POS Play Between Itself and Its Integrations?

Think of your SpotOn POS system as a brain. The brain gathers all information, helps execute commands based off of this information, and performs involuntary action in the background that keeps operations alive. Integrations help feed more information into this central nervous system of your restaurant. SpotOn POS connects all of this information together and turns it into actionable commands and data. Without the POS system, all of these different software would be disconnected. That’s why it is vital to choose a POS system that create synchronicity between your integration requirements.

Accounting Integrations


Compeat provides accounting, inventory, and analytics all in one system. They also help manage scheduling, employee data, and payroll. Easily manage labors, helps restaurant stay compliant, prevents mistakes, and streamlines scheduling.


DAVO is a sales tax management tool that automatically withholds the funds needed to pay and file sales tax on behalf of your business. Save time, avoid mistakes, and file / pay taxes automatically.


Quickbooks is one of the most popular bookkeeping products and is used by thousands of businesses. Reduce busy work, gain business insights, and eliminate mistakes.


Restaurant 365 (R365) is a cloud-based accounting, payroll, HR, food and beverage inventory, and scheduling software for restaurants. Streamline scheduling, automate reconciliation, and manage costs.


Rasi is a payroll and inventory management solutions. Helps assist with EOD daily poll, job codes, sales categories, sales tax mapping, and real inventory reporting.


Shogo is an automated integration between a point-of-sale and your accounting system.

Food Delivery Integrations


CaptainAI is an in-house delivery driver management solution that integrates with SpotOn Restaurant point-of-sale. This helps you manage and optimize routes for deliveries more effectively. Increase customer satisfaction, create visibility, and optimize routes.

DoorDash Drive

SpotOn Order can now include DoorDash Drive deliveries with SpotOn Delivery powered by DoorDash. This is a great way to offer contactless delivery, increase revenue, and reach new customers.

Inventory Management Integrations


US BeerSAVER is a draft beer metering system that monitors unaccounted pours and over pours. BeerSAVER installs flow meters that will track and monitor pours, in real-time, throughout the day. Reduce beverage waste, monitor theft, and increase profit margins.


Bevchek is a draft beverage monitoring and analytics platform providing merchants with real-time pour visibility and reporting. Drive down pour costs and reduce leakage in sales.


Craftable combines ordering, invoicing, inventory, and analytics in one system to give you greater insight into your restaurant. Integrate inventory management, optimize operations, increase profits, and streamline bar operations.


MarginEdge is a recipe cost-tracking and restaurant inventory management solution. Increase your bottom line, save time, automate data, and pay invoices.


Streamline your scheduling, inventory management, and payroll with QSROnline. Boost efficiency with better inventory management operations.

Sculpture Hospitality

Sculpture Hospitality is a food and beverage inventory management system for bars and restaurants. Track sales, ordering, storage, and movement of inventory for food items.

Kitchen Display System Integrations


ChefTab is a kitchen display system integration that automates kitchen operations, increasese productivity, boosts table turnover, and decreases food costs.

QSR Automations

QSR Automations is a leading kitchn display solution for restaurants. Save time with a kitchen display system that creates efficient workflows and integrates directly with your SpotOn Restaurant POS.

Online Ordering Integrations


ItsaCheckmate is a third party food delivery aggregator that feeds orders directly into your online ordering system. Simplify online ordering and fulfillment with a third-party ordering app that integrates directly into your SpotOn Restaurant POS.

Order with Google

Order with Google eases the online ordering process by allowing guests to order directly from your Google Business Profile. Reach more hungry guests and pay no commissions or additional fees on online orders through Google Search and Google Maps.

Payroll, Tip Distribution, & Scheduling Integrations


7shifts is a restaurant-specific labor scheduling platform, allowing restaurants to easily manage their labor schedules, timesheets, communication, tasks, and tips all in one place. 7shifts provides in-depth reporting capabilities for restaurants to view their data in one place.

ADP Formatted Export

ADP is a leading payroll solutions provider across North America. Manage payroll without manually entering timesheet data- saving time and avoid errors.


GratShare is a tip calculation and distribution service that receives data from the POS to determine which employees should receive tips from a given shift and what percentage each should receive.


The Gusto & SpotOn Restaurant Integration allows you to sync employee time clock data from your Restaurant POS into your Gusto account by utilizing the SpotOn Payroll App within the SpotOn Dashboard.


Homebase is a workforce management solution for restaurants with 20 to 50 employees. It integrates with SpotOn Restaurant point-of-sale to share information for labor cost reporting and enforce Homebase schedules in SpotOn Restaurant.


Hot Schedules iused by hundreds of businesses and restaurants across the United States. Save time and improve your scheduling and labor Management system with HotSchedules.

Reporting Integrations


Tenzo is a restaurant analytics & sales forecasting platform that integrates with POS, labor management, inventory, and social media providers. This will bring all restaurant data into one place, providing restaurants with powerful analytics and forecasting capabilities.