Best Restaurant Payroll, Tip Distribution, & Scheduling Software 2024

Running a restaurant with up-to-date tech can do wonders for a business. One important area to keep restaurants should keep up to date with: labor, especially when it comes to payroll, tip distribution, and scheduling. SpotOn has features and certified integrations with the best labor software providers. Are you looking to revamp your restaurant operations for 2024? Check out our choices for top restaurant labor software.

SpotOn Teamwork

Teamwork, originally Dulce, was purchased and acquired by SpotOn. This intuitive, user friendly software helps managers and employees alike best manage their schedules. Staff can select and swap shifts, message one another, and reduce scheduling time for managers. Plus, Teamwork resides in the SpotOn ecosystem as part of our one stop shop for all your restaurant’s needs.


7Shifts is a widely used product that helps restaurants manager scheduling, tip management, and payroll. Managers can build schedules and employees can clock in for shifts. Tip pools are automatically calculated and distributed among staff. Payroll can be easily run in 1 click.


Gratshare is a payroll and tip distribution platform with automated paya data information. According to Gratshare, “Our solution provides employers with the option to pay their employees at the end of their workday. These real-time payments go directly into the employee’s bank account, debit, or reloadable prepaid card.”


Gusto provides their users with a cloud-based payroll, benefits, and HR software. Rated as a top payroll software by Nerdwallet, Gusto is an easy to use solution for restaurants and their bookkeepers. Users can roll payoll in minutes and easily reduce time on a task that used to take hours. Plus, Gusto allows for time tracking and employee performance management.


Homebase is a payroll, time clock and scheduling software used by over 100,000 businesses. Its Smart Scheduling software, “is online and always up to date for your team. You can adjust it on the fly, on the bus, or from just about anywhere. And then instantly share it.” Staff can message one another and payroll is simple and easy.


We couldn’t leave the most popular product off the list! Hot Schedules changed the game with its labor tools and continues to be a leader in its field. A great solution for managers, employees, and restaurant owners alike, Hot Schedules comes with a 5-star employee scheduling app that integrates with Google calendars and has staff + manager messaging tools.

All of these labor solutions integrate with SpotOn. Want to get the best POS for bars and restaurants with a leading labor tool software? Contact POS Philly today. Our team will work with you while providing local support to NJ, PA & DE restaurants. Click here to schedule your consultation!