SpotOn Restaurant POS Locally Supported by POS Philly for PA, NJ, DE

Trying to conquer more success in the competitive restaurant industry? If you are a part of the restaurant industry, you know that staying ahead of the game means adapting to new technology. Lucky for you, SpotOn is constantly improving its already groundbreaking restaurant software. This game-changing solution combines the highest-rated point-of-sale software with top-tier hardware. SpotOn has been developed in collaboration with real-life restaurateurs that have worked with other POS systems throughout their careers, so their feedback has ensured us that we can make sure SpotOn meets all of our customer’s needs. With three devices that prioritize flexibility and efficiency, SpotOn gives restaurant owners and staff the tools they need to customize their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Customizable SpotOn Hardware Solutions

SpotOn Restaurant is a superhero for restaurant owners who struggle with outdated technology. They’ve teamed up with amazing restaurant owners and operators to create a collection of user-friendly gadgets that are perfect for all kinds of restaurants. The collection includes the 15.6″ Station, the 10″ Counter, and the 6.5″ Handheld. These gadgets can be secret weapons for making a restaurant run as efficiently as possible.

Even if the menu is complicated, the high-definition touchscreens allow staff to enter orders faster by eliminating as many clicking steps as possible. And, the designs of our hardware are sleek and stylish to fit in perfectly with any restaurant’s vibe. Since the station comes in different versions, you can choose if you want a fancy screen for customers to see, a payment reader attached to the bottom, or a payment reader on the side. It’s all customizable to fit your restaurant’s exact needs.

Enhanced Mobility with Seamless Tableside Payment

The Handhelds make serving a breeze and add an extra touch of convenience for everyone. It’s got a 6.5″ touchscreen that’s just the right size, and it can do amazing things like letting servers take payments with just a wave or a chip. The device is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and even tilts, so servers can show the bill and take payment faster than ever. This will allow your servers to provide faster services, putting more money in their pockets and yours. For managers, they are able to be on the floor during busy service and handle things such as voids and menu-changes while on the floor, or even at home if they wanted to.

Boosting Order Accuracy and Efficiency

With the option of having sleek guest-facing displays, customers can review their orders in real time, adding that extra touch of reassurance and reducing order errors. It’s like having a culinary angel, watching over each order and ensuring it’s spot-on.

Reliability, Durability, and Superior Support

SpotOn Restaurant is one thing you can count on in your restaurant to be reliable. Guaranteeing smooth and speedy operations, the devices are cloud-based, so they connect to Wi-Fi for super-fast processing. Did wifi go down? No problem, SpotOn can run on LTE signals until your wifi is back up and running. Plus, they’re built tough to handle spills and dust. And the best part? SpotOn has amazing customer support, always ready to assist 24/7/365. With SpotOn, you’ve got a reliable partner in your restaurant adventures.

SpotOn is User-Friendly and Quick to Learn

We have found that SpotOn is a piece of cake for restaurant staff and managers to learn. With its user-friendly interface and simple features, staff can start using it right away. Your local SpotOn provider, POS Philly, can come directly to you and train your staff on exactly how to use it, and even stay within the restaurant the day of installation to make sure if any issues arise, they will be on hand for support. Managers will find it a breeze to navigate and customize. SpotOn makes sure everyone can master the POS system in a snap, so you can focus on creating amazing dining experiences.

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