Yelp. Open Table. Facebook. Oh my! It feels like there are now hundreds of restaurant review sites. The major ones, including Google, Trip Advisor, and others, hold major sway in influencing restaurant customers. The task of managing major review platforms can seem daunting. SpotOn Reviews helps SpotOn Restaurant POS restaurateurs take charge of their reviews. Let’s take a look at how to manage SpotOn Reviews’ dashboard.

The SpotOn Reviews tab can be found in the back-office portal.

Reviews Dashboard

From here, SpotOn Reviews users can sync their review profiles and manage up to 24 months of data. Review platforms that can sync include SpotOn, Google, Yelp, Facebook, Zomato, Trip Advisor, City Search, Four Square, and Open Table.

Once you have accessed this dashboard, users can access four major categories of data: current rating, monthly average ratings, average ratings, and total written reviews.

Reviews Categories

Restaurateurs can dive into this data and get a glimpse of what real customers are saying about their business. The second half of the Reviews dashboard allows users to read the reviews. Users can scroll and see up to 24 months of entries. Click a review and see all the details, including the statement itself; click the visit site button and manage that review from your company’s website profile.

Read Reviews

Now that you have accessed recent reviews, the restaurant can now manage them. Users can receive notifications from SpotOn when new reviews are listed. To answer a review, simply follow that review site’s procedure. Restaurants can also push review listings to its customers. SpotOn will send out a review request to customer using a customized algorithm. From here, customers will receive a listing of sites to leave a review on.

Reviews Request

Gathering reviews is more important now than ever. Why? Google is implementing a change to their search rankings. This affects a restaurant’s SEO. The more reviews a restaurant’s Google Business Profile receives, the better their search ranking. A second factor in this is taking the time to answer reviews. Restaurants that answer more reviews will also have a better ranking score.

Have a question about SpotOn Reviews? Contact us today! We’re here to help all bars and restaurants improve customer engagement and review management.