Michele and Jojo standing in front of Oceanside Seafood in Avalon, New Jersey.
Oceanside Seafood, Avalon, New Jersey

Meet Michele and Jojo, owner and GM of Oceanside Seafood, a local and tourist favorite in the popular resort town of Avalon, New Jersey. This year, they celebrated their 17th season in business at 25th and Dune Drive. Oceanside offers, “a BYOB restaurant featuring fresh, local seafood and traditional seashore fare.” Aside from their restaurant operation, they also offer a local, flavorful seafood market.

Michele, owner, and Jojo, GM

Searching for a new POS

Oceanside Seafood is traditionally a table service focused BYOB. In 2020, their operations shifted to solely focus on takeout. Call-in orders kept coming in as Avalon beach goers needed the best seafood in town. After in-store dining resumed, Michele realized she needed a point-of-sale system that could keep up with both her front-of-house and takeout operations. She vetted several POS software and providers. As a shore business, Michelle knew she needed a highly capable software with local service and support.

Choosing SpotOn

Michele opted for SpotOn POS and POS Philly to help transform her restaurant operations. SpotOn’s cloud functionality allows her to check sales whether she’s at the shore or back home. It’s easy to access reports anywhere, any time on any device with SpotOn. Not utilizing a back office server also meant a lower price and less failure points for her point-of-sale operations.

Jojo of Oceanside Seafood using SpotOn POS.
Jojo using SpotOn. Also, she’s a huge Birds fan!

Takeout & Online Ordering

Takeout has been a huge part of Oceanside’s business. Michele needed a POS that came with a customer friendly online ordering platform. SpotOn’s online ordering is commission free, easy to use, and helped streamline sales. Now, orders keep coming and front-of-house hostesses aren’t occupied with takeout calls. Oceanside Seafood can now also sell digital gift cards right from their online ordering page, too!

Local Support from POS Philly

An important decision for all Jersey Shore restaurants is choosing a local service provider. A major reason Michele chose SpotOn is that POS Philly provides just that. Once Oceanside Seafood chose SpotOn, POS Philly assigned a project manager to help implement their new system. Their PM performed an on-site survey, programmed their database, trained their staff, and coordinated their installation with our technician team. Even better, POS Philly provided in-person live day support and a two week follow up.

Now, Michele receives 365 day a year local support from POS Philly. Our support team are able to resolve issues, troubleshoot, and dispatch technicians if needed. Unlike other POS providers, our support team is locally based and within an hour drive of Avalon. Our SpotOn trained and certified technicians are here to help all customers like Michele.

A SpotOn floating screen  on a counter top.

SpotOn is a ‘Shore’ Thing

Two Shore seasons in, Michele and Oceanside Seafood are happy with their decision. While helping us write this testimonial, Michele exclaimed, “I just noticed the restaurant next door now uses SpotOn!” At a time when other POS companies have uncertainties, it’s easy to see that SpotOn and POS Philly aren’t just a sure thing, we’re a Shore thing.

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