More restaurants have begun to switch over to SpotOn POS than ever before. There are a ton of point-of-sale options out there. We know SpotOn is the right one for you. Still, restaurants have a ton of questions about how SpotOn works. Making an educated decision on your point-of-sale choice can mean streamlined operations or lost profits for your business. What do you need to know about SpotOn POS? Let’s take a look at some of our most common FAQ’s.

What is SpotOn POS?

SpotOn is a cloud-based point-of-sale system for bars and restaurants. The POS software houses front-of-house, back-of-house, online ordering, and handheld ordering as some of its prominent features. Originally developed as EmaginePOS, it was purchased and transitioned into SpotOn in 2018. SpotOn is now the top-rated point-of-sale for bars and restaurants according to real user reviews from Capterra.

What is a cloud-based POS system?

A cloud-based POS system is one that operates on a cloud internet network. Cloud POS systems differ from legacy options because they do not require a back office server. Cloud systems like SpotOn process orders and payments through the internet rather than through a dedicated local server. Performing operations this way eliminates a failure point, is more secure for processing data, and reduces hardware and maintenance costs for cloud POS users.

If the internet goes out, how do I continue to operate?

Great question. Cloud-based POS systems need to have a backup in case the internet goes out. SpotOn’s goal is to keep you always connected, regardless of wifi connectivity. Every SpotOn system is equipped with a backup LTE Meraki Router. In the event that the internet goes out, SpotOn will automatically kick on to the same service your phone is connected to. The same goes for the SpotOn handheld devices, too. Keeping you ‘always on’ is one of our top priorities.

How much does it cost?

SpotOn is a month-to-month software with no long-term locked in contract. This ensures the elimination of junk fees passed on by other POS providers to their customers. The first software license and terminal kit starts at $195.00. Each additional license is $50.00 per month. Handhelds are $25.00 per month (half as much as Toast’s $50.00 per month unit). The cost for processing is different for every customer. With dual pricing processing, customers can save up to 80% – 85% on processing.

Does it cost extra for online ordering?

There is no additional cost for online ordering. Plus, SpotOn has no additional costs for a ton of other features. Restaurants do not have to pay extra for gift card or loyalty program software. Plus, multi-units have a ton of great included features, such as enterprise management and bulk menu editing.

Can I take mobile wallet phone payments?

Yes! SpotOn is able to accept mobile wallet phone payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. NFC mobile wallet payments are a growing trend, especially for urban and city customers. SpotOn can accept payments easily on our handhelds and credit card readers. Plus, customers can also complete checkout by scanning a QR code at the bottom of their receipt.

How does support work?

It has become more common for point-of-sale companies to kick their support overseas. With SpotOn powered by POS Philly, customers receive the top rated SpotOn support with local service from us. Our technical team has worked with every restaurant concept and has over 30 years of experience. POS Philly customers receive a dedicated project manager, on-site installation, live day support, and can have a tech on-site by request.

When can I get started with SpotOn?

Restaurant owners that want to get started with SpotOn for their business should contact POS Philly. We’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation with you to review your needs. From there, our team will help you determine your configuration and begin writing your quote. New users must submit two consecutive months of credit card processing statements in order to get a meet-or-beat rate.