SpotOn is rated better than Toast, Heartland, and Clover POS

SpotOn POS continues to stay on top of Capterra’s point-of-sale ratings. Capterra provides competitive analyses for software ranging from point-of-sale -to property-management to accounting. Since debuting, SpotOn has receives better ratings compared to other point-of-sale software. Let’s take a look at how SpotOn ranks next to Toast, Heartland Restaurant, and Clover.

SpotOn VS Toast

SpotOn POS terminal next to Toast POS terminal.
SpotOn Rating: 4.4Toast Rating: 4.2
Ease Of Use: 4.3Ease Of Use: 3.8
Customer Service: 4.3Customer Service: 3.8
Features: 4.3Features: 4.1
Value for Money: 4.3Value for Money: 3.9
Likelihood to Recommend: 82%Likelihood to Recommend: 75%

Overall: SpotOn provides better or equal metrics on all point-of-sale fronts compared to Toast according to real user reviews. Toast is a popular solution for restaurants. It has an easy to use software, but has been hampered by non-local customer service and a series of mishaps.

In 2023, Toast announced and implemented an unexpected $0.99 fee on all orders placed through its online ordering. It was such an unethical move that it cost the company $275,000,000.00. The CEO resigned and as of October 2023, they lost one of their biggest customers, Jamba Juice. Unethical price hikes, losing revenue, and losing trust of customers. Not precisely a company that restaurants should look forward to work with.

SpotOn is one of the fastest growing and widely trusted POS systems for bars and restaurants. With transparent pricing, customers can see what they’re paying for without crazy surprise price hikes. Plus, our month-to-month subscription provides better peace of mind than Toast’s lock-in contracts. Furthermore, SpotOn is locally supported by POS Philly, whereas Toast has limited local customer service and support.

You can see our in-depth analysis on how SpotOn compares to Toast in our 13 Reasons SpotOn is Better than Toast list.

SpotOn VS Heartland Restaurant

SpotOn POS and handheld next to Heartland terminal and mobile device.
SpotOn Rating: 4.4Heartland Restaurant Rating: 3.2
Ease Of Use: 4.3Ease Of Use: 3.5
Customer Service: 4.3Customer Service: 3.0
Features: 4.3Features: 3,0
Value for Money: 4.3Value for Money: 2.5
Likelihood to Recommend: 82%Likelihood to Recommend: 55%

Overall: SpotOn provides better metrics on all point-of-sale fronts compared to Heartland Restaurant according to real user reviews. Heartland Restaurant was developed from MobileBytes in 2019. An iPad based POS system, Heartland Restaurant was supposed to be the way of the future for Global Payments point-of-sale division. It has fallen short of its promise.

iPad POS options seemed to be the way of the future in the late 2010’s. Now, restaurants want large 15″ screens, not small iPad’s. Even an iPad pro can reduce screen real estate by 3″. Additionally, iPad products like Heartland are as reliable as their updates. All iPads need to have the most recent update for the Heartland Restaurant App and iPad in order to work correctly. Staff may not update the iPad frequently, resulting in a point-of-sale that’s not in synch.

The likelihood for Heartland customers to recommend this product is only 55%. SpotOn is ranked at 82% likelihood to recommend to other restaurants. 27% more users trust SpotOn compared to Heartland Restaurant. That’s a huge difference.

SpotOn VS Clover

SpotOn POS terminal  and handheld next to Clover POS kit.
SpotOn Rating: 4.4Clover Rating: 3.9
Ease Of Use: 4.3Ease Of Use: 4.1
Customer Service: 4.3Customer Service: 3.4
Features: 4.3Features: 3.9
Value for Money: 4.3Value for Money: 3.5
Likelihood to Recommend: 82%Likelihood to Recommend: 67%

Overall: SpotOn provides better metrics on all point-of-sale fronts compared to Clover according to real user reviews. Clover is a popular point-of-sale solution for restaurants on a tight budget. Small concepts and coffee shops can benefit from Clover. Still it has a limited feature set. Its features rating is only 3.9 compared to SpotOn’s 4.3. Restaurants with more complex menus will find limits to what they need with Clover.

The best way to compare SpotOn to Clover is when someone looks for cars. Where does someone go when looking for a high performing car? They don’t go to the bike shop, right? Correct. They go to the car shop.

Most often, restaurant owners get Clover when they sign up for credit card processing through their bank. Would you go to your banker to help you with liquor database programming, dual pricing implementation, or a point-of-sale installation? The answer is no. Why go to a banker for point-of-sale? Instead, work with a point-of-sale provider that understands point-of-sale. POS Philly locally programs, trains, and installs SpotOn POS for our customers. Unlike your banker, we know everything there is to know about point-of-sale for restaurants.

Is your restaurant looking for a new point-of-sale system? Contact POS Philly and get SpotOn with local support for your restaurant now.