It’s here… again! Super Bowl weekend is upon us, Philly sports fanatics. Every member of the team from Jalen Hurts to Darius Slay Jr. is vital to the game. SpotOn, believe it or not, is also crucial for every moment during Eagles games, too. SpotOn POS powers Lincoln financial Field every game day. All beers, hot dogs, and popcorn are purchased through SpotOn POS systems during Eagles home games.

That got us thinking: Which SpotOn POS feature would popular Eagles be? Yes, it is a crazy thing to think about, but think of it this way. What part of your point-of-sale is the coach? Which is the quarterback? What is making your point-of-sale roster faster or stacking the line against busy bar rushes? Let’s take a look.

SpotOn Back Office = Nick Sirianni

The coach calls all the shots, knows every play, and had a game plan to win the game. SpotOn’s cloud back office is the coach of your point-of-sale system. Nick Sirianni knows how to do his job every day. SpotOn’s back-office tells all points of your POS how to do theirs.

SpotOn Front-Of-House = Jalen Hurts

Now, it’s time to make the play calls. Jalen Hurts is entering top-tier quarterback territory. He commands the field and calls the shots to make the action happen. SpotOn’s front-of-house is as user friendly as Jalen Hurts is smooth at making adjustments on the fly. Send orders, transfer tickets, and edit item prices instantly.

SpotOn Cloud Programming = DeVonta Smith

Restaurant owners need a silky smooth process when it comes to programming. DeVonta Smith is seamless on his routes across the field. He programs his play calls and runs like he’s on a cloud. With SpotOn, you’ll program in the cloud and feel like you’re catching a touchdown whenever you publish a new menu.

SpotOn Handhelds = A.J. Brown

What do A.J. Brown and you restaurant’s best server have in common? They’re great with their hands. A.J. Brown catches deep passes in the palm of his hands. Your servers place tons of orders in theirs with SpotOn’s light, easy to use handhelds.

SpotOn Processing = Darius Slay Jr.

Darius Slay Jr. is processing every snap before it happens. He needs to be able to act quick when a receiver is trying to get past him. SpotOn processing is fast, incredibly quick, and has an LTE Meraki backup router to keep payments from getting lost in the secondary.

SpotOn Manager Alerts = Haason Reddick

Elite linebackers need to have their head on a swivel. Haason Reddick does just that. He alerts the defense if a change is happening on the other side of the ball and acts quickly stop the offense. SpotOn Manager Alerts can let management and owners know when something seems out of the ordinary in order to quickly stop it.

SpotOn Teamwork = Jason Kelce

Centers’, like Jason Kelce, primary job isn’t to snap the ball. It’s to communicate with the rest of the offensive line, recognize blitzes, and pre-snap adjustments. SpotOn Teamwork helps staff communicate and organize labor schedules without a hitch.

As for other point-of-sale systems, they may as well be Jackson Mahomes. Check out all of SpotOn Restaurant POS’ product features on our website. Reach out for a free consultation.