SpotOn has been rated the leader in point-of-sale customer service by Software Advice 2022. A leader with multiple awards now under its belt, SpotOn had truly elevated the field for point-of-sale customer service. A winner of both the Capterra Shortlist and inaugural Inc. Power Partner awards, SpotOn continues to add more merits to its successful software that helps restaurants succeed at every corner.

According to Software Advice, SpotOn currently has over 145 5-star experiences out of 186 reviews. Let’s take a look at what real SpotOn customers are saying about their experience with this leading POS software product.

Rick: A True Game Changer

Restaurant owners share many of the same struggles in managing and growing their businesses. Issues such as real-time enterprise level reporting, back office updates immediately available on all stations, including their online ordering site, controlling labor cost, and payroll reporting. Additionally with the integration with third party delivery services, the cost savings by eliminating user error is proving to be a huge factor. SpotOn Restaurant provides the tools and resources that are necessary for independents as well as multi-chain national brands.

Kristen: Excellent Customer Service

Credit card processing deposits and reports are off all the time. I have a spreadsheet I use to tie out the amounts reportedly paid by credit card and deposited into our account.

Susan: Can’t Believe We Didn’t Use Them from the Beginning

Every aspect of this POS is very understandable & easy. For any questions we gave customer support is always there to help. As the Accountant for this restaurant the back of the house reports & getting payroll information & fixing things is so simple & takes me half the time to do payroll compared to the old POS. New employees gave no problem learning the POS.

Lianna: SpotOn Delivers Peace of Mind & Profitability

Top on our list of what we like most about the SpotOn software is the ability to customize the screens and the reports to fit our needs. The ability to log in from anywhere and make changes on the go is also one of the most helpful and impactful features. The reports are easy to interpret and share. Staff timekeeping and payroll is a breeze. Our staff love the ease of the screens and how easy it is to modify items add new items or create events.

Debbie: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Easichen’s Bar & SpotOn

From the very beginning when we started using SpotOn only for credit cards we have felt valued as a customer. This value has only increased as we moved into the POS system. Our sales rep [SENSITIVE CONTENT] made sure if he did not know the answer he investigates and found it for us during our decision making process. He was very diligent in his response and overall communications and continues to be available for our needs. The support staff with SpotOn especially Don Bisbee has made sure our conversion to SpotOn’s POS system was a very positive experience. He continues to check in and be available for all of our needs. Don spend many hours with us during the conversion and made sure we were extremely comfortable with the product before his next install. His attention to detail in regards to the KDS portion of the POS was invaluable. He is a great representative of SpotOn!

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