Considering SpotOn POS? Read on to take a look at 3 SpotOn Restaurant POS reviews. Learn how SpotOn has helped many businesses succeed, and why it might be the solution your restaurant needs. 

Review #1

“SpotOn is easy to teach, easy to use and easy to customize on the fly for our daily changing business. After using another Restaurant POS system this one is what we should have started with. This one integrates with my Payroll company seamlessly. The online ordering platform used was ridiculously easy and provides a more polished seamless look for my company.” – Brandy R. Restaurant Owner

Unlike other POS software, SpotOn makes it easy to make changes efficiently. Need to change the prices of your dinner specials on a Friday night? No need to go to the back of house, make changes, and then refresh the system. Make instantaneous changes to your menu from the front of house terminal. Or, on any device with browser connection. Along with price changes, SpotOn POS makes it easy to *86 an item, enter stock counts, and access nutritional information all from the front of house.

Overall, SpotOn POS offers an easy-to-use, efficient solution for a fast-paced environment. Let’s check out reviews from Hillary and Lianna now.

Review #2:

“When looking for a new POS, we were looking for a unicorn product that could do things we only dreamed of, and found it in SpotOn. We can integrate Loyalty, Reserve, POS, Handhelds, Credit Card Processing, Reporting and soon Online Ordering through one program! We wanted handheld devices for speed, order accuracy, and payment table side that did not take away from the guest experience and have loved the clean interface we get with SpotOn too. Our customer service experiences are second to none with extremely fast response times and a service minded team backing what we do every day.” – Hillary H. General Manager

Integration of multiple features is a major plus for businesses to access data quickly. No need to invest in several software systems to cover functions of the business. Like Hillary mentions, handheld devices can be a great solution to speeding up service. Utilizing handhelds as well as table side payments can increase table turnover, resulting in more profit for your business. In addition, SpotOn training upon installation prepares staff and management to navigate the user-friendly system, while customer service offers full-fledged support to ensure success.

There are tons of reviews out there about SpotOn. Finally, let’s see what Lianna has to say about her experience.

Review #3

“Top on our list of what we like most about the SpotOn software is the ability to customize the screens and the reports to fit our needs. The ability to log in from anywhere and make changes on the go is also one of the most helpful and impactful features. The reports are easy to interpret and share. Staff timekeeping and payroll is a breeze. Our staff love the ease of the screens and how easy it is to modify items add new items or create events.” Lianna L. Restaurant Manager

SpotOn’s extensive reporting allows management to see data in real time, not the next day. More than this, restaurants can customize what is important to them, as Lianna mentions. Managers can “favorite” reports they want to be informed about daily. Whether it’s labor reports, product mix, daily sales, SpotOn has you covered. 

Like we mentioned earlier, making changes on the go is a must for the restaurant business. Furthermore, restaurants can customize the front of house interface to best fit your staff. 

Between integrations, handhelds, contactless payments, reporting, customer service, and more, SpotOn POS covers all angles of the business. The reviews speak for themselves. What type of review will you have for SpotOn when it transforms your business? Contact us today to get started on SpotOn pricing, features, and more!