Toast POS Hidden Fees

“The politest way I can put this is that it’s a back-door way to steal from restaurants.” — Houston Restaurateur Trent Patterson

Reports have surfaced, revealing Toast Inc.’s surprising decision to charge customers directly, bypassing the restaurants they love to visit. This unexpected move has left restaurant owners scratching their heads and feeling frustrated. Typically, POS providers like Toast Inc. work closely with restaurants, charging them based on an agreed-upon model. But Toast Inc.’s direct billing approach has turned the tables, causing restaurateurs to question their partnership with the company.

Surprise Fees From Toast

Instead of following the traditional model where restaurants pay fees to the POS provider, Toast Inc. has started charging customers an additional fee without the knowledge or consent of the restaurants themselves. When customers make purchases at a restaurant using Toast Inc.’s POS system, they are unknowingly being billed an extra fee by Toast Inc. directly, bypassing the restaurant entirely. “The cloud-based third-party point-of-sale vendor used by more than 85,000 restaurants, is unilaterally adding a 99-cent “processing fee” to online orders of $10 or more” (Fox Business). This direct billing method not only catches customers off guard but also leaves restaurant owners frustrated and questioning the transparency and fairness of their partnership with Toast Inc.

“People are freaking out. Business owners are freaking out,” Tony Naser-owner of four pizza shops in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Imagine running a restaurant and putting in countless hours to create a great dining experience, only to discover that your POS provider is charging your customers directly WITHOUT your knowledge. It’s like a magician revealing all their tricks! Restaurateurs who trusted Toast Inc. are feeling left out and frustrated. They wonder why they weren’t informed about this new fee structure and how it will impact their relationship with customers.

The Importance Of Transparency

“My contention is that it’s absolutely unethical and illegal. And if it’s not illegal, it should be.” — Missouri bakery owner Matt Wilhelmson

The current situation, though frustrating, offers restaurateurs a chance to reevaluate their partnerships and advocate for fair practices. Collaboration and mutual success are the lifeblood of the restaurant industry. It is crucial for POS providers and restaurants to join forces, prioritizing transparency and fairness in fee structures. By championing these principles, restaurateurs can navigate the challenges presented by Toast Inc.’s direct billing and foster stronger, more trustworthy relationships with their technology partners.

SpotOn Vs. Toast On Transparency

If we compare SpotOn and Toast in this situation, SpotOn has several advantages that make it a better choice for restaurateurs. First and foremost, SpotOn offers transparent pricing, ensuring that restaurateurs have a clear understanding of costs without any hidden fees. We also prioritize support and work with clients locally at POS Philly. With a user-friendly interface and a reputation for reliability, SpotOn has gained positive reviews from restaurant owners. The dedicated customer support between POS Philly & Spot-on ensures prompt assistance whenever needed.

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