Local support is a vital component for restaurants and their point-of-sale. Think about this: how many services does a restaurant rely on? How many of those services require on-site support? Kitchen equipment, plumbing, hood cleaning, and others are in-person services that restaurants absolutely need. Can you image installing an 8 burner stove or pizza over by yourself with a technician over the phone? Likely not. The same applies to point-of-sale.

Supporting, installing and servicing a point-of-sale can become complicated. Between hundreds of menu items, modifiers, and sub-modifiers, the task can become daunting. Having to perform such a task entirely by phone or over Zoom At POS Philly, we provide real local support for our SpotOn POS users from consultation through live day and afterwards. What exactly do we mean by local support, though? Let’s break it down.

What We Mean By ‘Local Support’ for POS

Local point-of-sale support comes from a point-of-sale provider within your region. For example, POS Philly services the Philadelphia – Wilmington – Lehigh Valley – New Jersey area. These type of providers have a deep understanding of the business climate and area around their restaurant clients and prospects. They typically have a technician team that can be dispatched to resolve support issues on site. Local POS providers also are beneficial during the sales process. Rather than having everything done via webcam, having a sales person on location can help better gauge a customer’s installation and point-of-sale requirements.

There are four main areas where local POS providers can offer better services compared to national ones.


Receiving a POS consultant in your restaurant can mean a world of difference. A webcam can limit a consultant from seeing physical areas that could affect your POS configuration. In-person consultation can help qualify a restaurant’s configuration and cloud POS capabilities better than a pure remote one.


More POS companies are offering remote-only training for small to medium sized POS configurations. Without an option for in-person training, your staff and management can have their POS transition hampered. This can result in a mismanaged turnover. Be sure to ask if a POS provider has local, in-person training options.


Again, national brand POS companies continue to cut down on in-person services. Some tablet POS products ask you to install your tablets, printers, cash drawers and other components with only phone support. Unless your restaurant understands where each CAT 5 and electrical line are run to, we suggest having an on-site installation team perform the task for you.


There may be a worst case scenario where your restaurant needs on-site service. Take for instance if a terminal dies and needs to be replaced. Simply taking it out and plugging in a replacement isn’t as easy as it sounds. Installing the software is only part of the task. Local POS providers can arrive on site, swap out equipment, and ensure that a POS configuration isn’t negatively affected.

Support Services Provided by POS Philly

POS Philly provides all of the aforementioned support for bars and restaurants within our region. Every restaurant can receive a consultant to make sure they have the best configuration for their business. Training can be provided in-person or remotely – we can do either. Training staff can be scheduled to be performed in the restaurant if a system has been installed; online training is also available. All installations are performed by our certified technician team, regardless of size. Finally, our customers can request on-site support to assist them with technical or hardware issues.

Why Local Support Is Important for Restaurants

Restaurants need local support because not everything can be resolved over the phone or through email. In-person service can mean a world of difference towards getting your POS system right. More point-of-sale national brands have begun providing email and phone only support. Some have even outright moved their technical team overseas. These support services reduce customer care quality and can negatively affect your business when service is direly needed.

Why Get Support from POS Philly

POS Philly is committed to providing local service and support for every single customer. No matter the scale of your business, we are here to help. Receiving local, regional support likes ours can quell service issues before they poorly affect customer experience, guest relations, and sales totals. Are you looking for a new support provider? Contact us today and see how we can help your business. With over 30 years of experience and more than 4,000 installations since 1990, our unmatched service and support leads the way for local POS providers in our region.