Signing up for SpotOn POS, or any new restaurant point-of-sale, can seem stressful for any business. At POS Philly, our 30+ years of experience make us experts in the point-of-sale installation process. Every restaurant and POS Philly SpotOn client has different needs. Still, we implement the same quality assured process for all of our clients. Here’s your guide of what to expect from POS Philly after scheduling your SpotOn POS consultation.


Awesome, you are interested in SpotOn POS powered by POS Philly for your business! Great choice, especially if you want local support for the best restaurant point-of-sale on the market. Your first step is to contact our team and schedule a consultation. A member of our staff will reach out and schedule a free consultation and demonstration. We’ll go through what’s included in SpotOn, receive your configuration and processing statements, and get a quote for you.

Confirm Order and Move Forward

Your sales representative will review your SpotOn POS configuration and processing quotes. Need to fix something in your order? We’ll revise it for you. All good to go? Great! POS Philly will execute your order and move forward with SpotOn POS for your restaurant.

Assign Project Manager

POS Philly will assign a dedicated project manager to your account. All of our project managers are certified and trained in everything SpotOn POS. Once assigned, your SpotOn POS project manager will reach out to you, touch base, and confirm an on-site survey.

Project Manager Site Survey

The project manager will come to your restaurant in-person for a site survey. POS Philly will review your current configuration, review where all terminals and equipment will be placed, collect menus plus programming information, and schedule a live day.

Program SpotOn POS Database

Once menus and information are received, your SpotOn POS project manager will begin programming your point-of-sale database. You run the restaurant. We’ll focus on getting your item database and labor information right. Project managers have a collaborative process during the programming process. They will reach out to you if they have any questions about your database.

Remote or In-Person Training Day

After the point-of-sale database is finished, your project manager will reach out to schedule training. Most training can be performed remotely. In-person and on-site training is available for users that opt for it. POS Philly recommends to have your best managers, bartenders, and servers available for the training. In our experience, live days go much smoother when key members of your staff are trained on the system. We will review the front-of-house, back-of-house, and other key features included in your configuration.

Now that you’re all trained, it’s time to commit to a hard installation date.

Installation & Live Day Support

POS Philly doesn’t ship your system in box, only provide remote support, and wish you best of luck. Our team will install your SpotOn POS system for you. We always recommend to install your new point-of-sale system during non-busy hours on a slow or moderately busy day. Your project manager and sales representative will provide further training during the live day.

Need additional live day support? Speak with your POS Philly representative to schedule another live day after your installation date.

2 Week Project Manager Support

Some installations may require additional programming and training support following the live day. Project managers are responsible for providing additional assistance for up to two weeks. During this time, our team will work with yours to hammer out any kinks in your database or configuration.

Ongoing Help Desk Support

Following the two week support period, POS Philly customers are shifted over to our regular support and help desk. Our help desk supports customers 365 days a year and works in conjunction with SpotOn’s support team.

Have any additional questions? Let us know! Contact POS Philly about moving forward with SpotOn POS for your restaurant now.