In 2024, restaurants can reduce the cost of credit card processing through two different options: cash […]
SpotOn Restaurant POS Powered by POS Philly
SpotOn has been developed in collaboration with real-life restaurateurs that have worked with other POS systems throughout their careers, so their feedback has ensured us that we can make sure SpotOn meets all of our customer’s needs.
Answering SpotOn POS FAQ's
More restaurants have begun to switch over to SpotOn POS than ever before. There are a […]
POS Philly Is Now a Member of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Association
POS Philly is a new member of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association! Our team […]
A bartender using SpotOn POS at their restaurant.
Staffing a restaurant is currently more difficult than ever before. The hospitality industry has faced a […]
SpotOn POS Review Management Can Help Restaurants Rank Better
Every restaurant owner fears the odious Yelp reviewer. Heck, there’s even an entire South Park episode […]
SpotOn Handheld Device Mobile Wallet Payment Features
SpotOn Restaurant POS has a ton of great features. One of the best features in its […]
SpotOn POS: Your Helpful Guide From Consultation to Live Day
Signing up for SpotOn POS, or any new restaurant point-of-sale, can seem stressful for any business. […]
SpotOn Powered by POS Philly is a member of the PRLA
POS Philly is a new member of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (PRLA)! Celebrate, Pennsylvania […]